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A Surrey, BC, chimney and fireplace installer with A&B Gas Fireplace Repairs can make sure that you enjoy your warm, cozy fire as safely as possible. We will provide you with an installation that you will be proud to show off to your family, friends, and neighbors. When you’re ready to make the investment in a chimney and fireplace, our Surrey, BC, technicians will be ready to help.

While a fireplace can provide your home with a more inviting, comfortable atmosphere, there are several tangible benefits as well. It is an efficient way to heat your home, reducing your dependence on fuel for your heating system. You won’t need to worry about staying warm if a winter storm in Surrey knocks out the power grid. We have more than two decades worth of gas fireplace experience and we carry a wide range of servicing parts. We provide competitive rates for all of our services as well as senior discounts.

You will be able to count on a Surrey, BC, chimney and fireplace installer with A&B Gas Fireplace Repairs to take care of your job correctly the first time. Your home will provide you with a new level of comfort and warmth no matter what the elements can dish out. Give our Surrey, BC, office a call to set up an appointment.


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